How To Read A Research Paper

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It is also wise to read several reviews by different authors for a well-rounded perspective of the field; individual authors have their own biases and you want to make sure you're exposed to as many different points of view as possible before you settle on your own conclusions.

Primary research articles contain the original data and conclusions of the researchers who were involved in the experiments.

If you're considering doing original scientific research, reading the scientific literature is a must!

Read the roundtable discussion about Finding an Idea for an Advanced Science Fair Project by students who successfully competed at the top-level science competitions, and you'll quickly see that scientific papers were vital to those students when it came to both choosing their topics and carrying out their experiments.

Each part of the paper serves a unique purpose and can help your research project in a different way. It usually highlights the main question(s) the authors investigated, provides the key results of their experiments, and gives an overview of the authors' conclusions.

Reading the abstract will help you decide if the article was what you were looking for, or not, without spending a long time reading the whole paper.Having a mentor to help evaluate ideas and provide background information is extremely useful.As you embark on your own original research project, you'll find it necessary to read in-depth scientific literature in your chosen research field.For example, what types of graphs are common to the field? You'll eventually need to know this information to put together a good report or display board to convey your research.If you're looking at a paper and you're not sure if it is a review or a primary research article, here are a few easy ways to distinguish.Scientific papers contain the most up-to-date information about a field.So if you have a topic you're interested in studying, reading the scientific literature in that field will help you understand what has already been discovered and what questions remain unanswered.However, this may be the first time you've tried reading a scientific paper and you may find yourself confused about how to proceed.This guide, which is broken into four sections, is intended to help you get started: Scientific papers are the heart of the science community; they're one of the major ways scientists communicate their results and ideas to one another.The quantity and thoroughness of the background information will depend on both the authors' proclivities, and the guidelines for that specific journal.Throughout the introduction, there will be citations for previously published articles or reviews that discuss the same topic.


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