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If you have more than one section and you want those sections to have different due dates, click the " Add due date/extension" button.Assessment is a necessary part of the teaching and learning process, helping us measure whether our students have really learned what we want them to learn.While exams and quizzes are certainly favorite and useful methods of assessment, out of class assignments (written or otherwise) can offer similar insights into our students' learning.and often, those problems can be remedied in the future by some simple fine-tuning of the original assignment. What are my main learning objectives for each module and for the course? What thinking skills am I trying to develop within each unit and throughout the course? What are the most difficult aspects of my course for students? If I could change my students' study habits, what would I most like to change? What difference do I want my course to make in my students' lives?This paper will take a look at some important elements to consider when developing assignments, and offer some easy approaches to creating a valuable assessment experience for all involved. Before assigning any major tasks to students, it is imperative that you first define a few things for yourself as the instructor: In his book Engaging Ideas (1996), John Bean provides a great list of questions to help instructors focus on their main teaching goals when creating an assignment (p.78): 1. What your students need to know Once you have determined your own goals for the assignment and the levels of your students, you can begin creating your assignment.On the right, pick a name for your assignment and select the sections you want to include.When you are selecting sections, you might be given the option to choose all activities, participation activities only, or challenge activities only.However, when introducing your assignment to your students, there are several things you will need to clearly outline for them in order to ensure the most successful assignments possible.A great way to get students engaged with an assignment and build buy-in is to encourage their collaboration on its design and/or on the grading criteria (Hudd, 2003).Journals, Posters, Portfolios, Letters, Brochures, Management plans, Editorials, Instruction Manuals, Imitations of a text, Case studies, Debates, News release, Dialogues, Videos, Collages, Plays, Power Point presentations Conclusion Ultimately, the success of student responses to an assignment often rests on the instructor's deliberate design of the assignment. 9, 2008, from Online Writing and Communication Center (1999). By being purposeful and thoughtful from the beginning, you can ensure that your assignments will not only serve as effective assessment methods, but also engage and delight your students.


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