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The film stages the relationship between the protagonist of the movie,.... “Identity, Genocide, and Reconstruction in Rwanda.” Paper prepared for the Conference on Les Racines de la Violence dans la Region des Grands-Lacs Parlement Europeen, Bruxelles. The 2004 film Hotel Rwanda tells the true story of a deliberate massacre of the Tutsis, an ethnic minority of Rwanda , by the Hutus, and the efforts of one man to save the victims. Set in Kigalu, the capital of Rwanda during April -May 1994, the movie shows the courage of Paul Rusesabagina, the manager of a luxury hotel, Hotel des Mille Collines, who......Reconstruction al Affiliation) According to Foner article, reconstruction was a success.He has ever since released a book to narrate how the genocide happened in Rwanda The story does not concentrate on the massacre as such, but concentrates on the hotel manager who saved the lives of many people in his capacity (George 2004).

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Having visited Rwanda, the writer, Keir Pearson, decided to write on the touching story of the genocide.

The people surviving the massacre were able to account for the turn out of events, which were represented at most in the film.

It is stated that the moral implications of the unsuccessful war with all the limitation in the social standards and quick discouragement and hatred was a situation that would make it hard under any criteria to come up with new civilization and new government.

Additionally, the 4 million freemen and the situation are more complicated.

This paper gives the details of the film, with in depths of how it brings out the aspects of violence and reconstruction.

Rwanda is a country in central Africa that is endowed with great resources (OHalloran 2010, p.1-5).

Hotel Rwanda – A Critique What seems to be accurate in the film? How a variety of relations turned out between the needy Rwandans and the Whites... Intercultural communication in the film Hotel Rwanda The film Hotel Rwanda (2004) directed by Terry George describes the catastrophic events of conflict between the two ethnic culture of Hutus and Tutsis which killed near about 80,000 people. People overcome by hate, fulfilling their agenda and people in fear that they could be harmed just by leaving their homes.

The movie depicts the story of the attempted destruction of one cultural group by the other. Most people, in the United States, do not live in environments like this, but it was very real for the people living in Rwanda.

In short, the world knew of the genocide from its first day up until its conclusion” (World Without Genocide).

In the year 2004, under the director Terry George, a film was staged titled hotel Rwanda.


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