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These topics are reviewed prior to working many examples in triangle similarity to build problem solving skills....

View the lesson Section 12: Area of Rectangles The concept of area is essential to understand for geometry and beyond.

The student is taught how to identify and name various important quadrilaterals as well as understand where the names come from....

View the lesson Section 10: Similar Triangles Triangle similarity is an important topic in geometry and relies heavily on the concepts of ratio and proportion.

We take our time to explain what this important theorem is used for and work numerous example problems to build problem solving skills....

View the lesson Section 8: Introduction to Polygons The polygon is introduced and discussed in detail.Specifically, we work with congruent triangles and work many examples to illustrate triangle congruency....View the lesson Section 7: The Pythagorean Theorem The pythagorean theorem is one of the most used theorems in all of math.While some assignments demand the usage of theory only, others are based on some formulas and functions that students have to memorize and apply when needed.All disciplines that relate to math have to do with many things other than writing.Examples are worked to show the student how to break down a problem into small steps and we show how to write these steps down in order to construct a proof....Most of the students prefer humanitarian sciences as they are easy.The formulas relating to area and volume of these objects is taught and numerous examples are worked to show how to perform these calculations....View the lesson Section 20: Geometric Proofs This lesson introduces the concept of a proof in Geometry.View the lesson Section 3: Complimentary and Supplementary Angles Now that we understand the concept of an angle in geometry, now we introduce how to identify when two angles are either complimentary or supplementary in nature....View the lesson Section 4: Intersecting Lines In this lesson the students learn the concepts related to intersecting lines in Geometry.


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