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Please do not just put all figures at the end of the document.

To help you follow these formatting standards, we have created a La Te X template as a starting point for each solution.

You can then examine the notes and comments on the document.

You can download the marked-up version of the document for your records as a PDF by selecting the Download button on the bottom menu bar.

The TAs will grade each of your homework solutions in Gradescope.

As each problem's solution is graded, a grade will be posted to the corresponding column in the course grade book.To see the scores for each individual question and grader comments, click on the assignment from the course dashboard again.For each solution, you'll see the points awarded and the time it was entered. Scans or photographs of handwritten solutions are not acceptable.Also, please do not use plain text with "ASCII math" (i.e.You can use this example document to help you get started.The La Te X Wikibook may also help as a reference that explains the various features of La Te X in much more detail.You may find the Tik Z package convenient for drawing figures of graphs, as in this example.Place your figures, scaled appropriately, inline at the point where they are first referenced in your document, or use your editor's "float" facility (if any) to have them appear at the top or bottom of a page with suitable captions and corresponding references in the text.For each solution, you'll see the points awarded and the graders' comments.You will also see all of the rubric items, with the rubric items applied to your assignment highlighted.


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