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It behooves us to make sure they know how to do so well. It seems so subjective, so technical and yet so vague.There are so many writing programs on the market for homeschoolers right now.

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Writing, I believe, is one of the most vital skills we can teach our students.

It is so poorly taught in modern education, yet in modern society written communication is necessary & unavoidable.

However, I don’t think that’s because I am such an awesome teacher.

I think it’s because our society’s English standards are so low.

Also, I believe effective writing instruction lies in receiving meaningful feedback and being made to revise papers multiple times.

Most classroom teachers simply don’t have the time or resources for that.Many of my students, who were generally 10-11 years old, had not done any writing at all before taking my classes, and in 1-2 years their composition skills rivaled those of the English 101 students I tutored at the University (that says more about English 101 than my teaching).I have now also taught my two oldest sons to write, and I am positive my oldest – at age 12 – would test out of English 101 and my 10-year-old son would be able to pass it.After I wrote something, my mom went through it with a red pen and I cried.Then I made the revisions and then my dad went through it with a red pen and I cried.But as homeschooling moms, we have the privilege of being able to give our kids individual guidance and attention.Writing is best taught with the tutoring model, where someone who cares will help each student take the next step to improve his writing ability.From there I went on to become an English major at UI, where I took an entire class on sentence diagramming as well as several more writing classes and lit classes that required strong writing.I knew I would likely homeschool, and though I might not be able to teach math well, I would be able to teach writing well.This was before Writing with Ease, before Classical Writing, when IEW was simply teacher/parent training materials rather than a curriculum.If you aren’t going to use a curriculum, you do need teacher-training.


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