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The chosen line was then given a new lease of poetic life, forming a transitional bridge from the now of 2016 to a century ago and the events which led up to or followed on from Ireland becoming a Republic.Because ‘Easter 1916’ is such a well known poem, certain lines have gone into public consciousness, lines such as: ‘Easter 1916’ as well as being an exploration of Yeats’ response to the political situation in Ireland, also reflects his fascination with numerology: it consists of two stanzas of 16 lines each and two of 24 lines, referring to the date.

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Phoenix Clubhouse is an invaluable support service to adults with mental health difficulties.

Now in its eleventh year, one of the Clubhouse’s many successes was the National Green Ribbon campaign in May 2013, when people were asked to wear the green ribbon to initiate a national conversation about mental health.

Teresa, a woman with a big heart and bubbly personality, chose the work of 0’Casey for inspiration, writing about a recent trip to the Abbey to see .

During the Rising, even though members of the Abbey Acting Company joined the ranks, the show still went on.

The dawn came and went to a rising, foggy day/and of course, a big orb of a sun in the blue skies.

Nora chose to remember Thomas Mac Donagh, one of the signatories of the Proclamation in a poem called ‘Resumé’….You name it, it’s either already been done or in the process of completion.The 1916 commemoration has really shown the rich vein of ‘living’ engagement with historical fact.Novelist Eileen Casey on Commemorative events, 1916 and the rural electrification scheme So far, commemorative events for 1916 have been many and varied.Communities all over Ireland participated and continue to do so.Wounded in the ankle/Unable to stand, blinded by pain/Relunctant to surrender:/Rebel leader to be executed/Thomas Mac Donagh 1878-1916.Patricia struck the note of remembering…We cannot forget our ancestors/who will always linger on, in our memories.It’s interesting to see the various resulting perspectives in this collection.Some of the poems invoke the names of the signatories of the Proclamation; Mac Donagh, Pearse, Connolly.The aim was to make the month of May of every year synonymous with breaking down barriers surrounding the various challenges associated with mental health.In June of 2016, I worked with members of the Clubhouse, aiming to make responses through creative writing, to the 1916 commemorative year.


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