High School Sketchbook Assignments

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Hopefully you’re now filled with inspiration and you’re ready to get started.

Each of these subjects have been carefully thought out and were chosen for specific ways that they’ll help improve your skills.

I’ve found that music that has lyrics is often too literal and is less inspirational.

But music without lyrics allows you to paint a scene in your mind and may lead to more than just a quick sketch.

Often times it can be difficult brainstorming ideas for our sketchbooks.

We can all agree that the more we draw, the better we’ll get.This is just one of the many reasons that keeping a sketchbook is important.But deciding what to draw in those sketchbooks can sometimes be a challenge.In many cases, the subjects aren’t quite as difficult as we think they are.But we only discover this if we take on the challenge.It all depends on how much time and effort you want to put into your work.These items are considered “easy” simply because the shapes used to sketch them are rather simple.By looking at art produced by someone else, we can get inspired.We may begin to envision what our art would look like if we were to emulate their style or use the same medium.Sometimes the act of moving around opens our mind up to new ideas. You may have seen how people pace back and forth while involved in a moment of deep thinking. When you’re trying to come up with new inspiration, try moving around a bit. I often get my best ideas when I’m out on a jog or just walking around the neighborhood. It changes our environment and also gets us moving.Another great place to be inspired is by looking at art produced by other artists.


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