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He fixates on the cute blond up front—let’s call her Claire. When the bell rings, Ethan walks up to her and asks her out.

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That’s the power of conflict—anything that poses a challenge to your protagonist taps into the innate desire to survive.

Next time you’re tasked with putting together a piece for the purpose of brand storytelling or content creation, in the form of video, prose, podcast, or another medium, work conflict into the package.

Good stories, not promotions, are the ones shared and retold.

At the heart of each is a challenge, a conflict that we can relate to. This is my list—your job as the storyteller is to understand through these examples how conflict powers every great story in content creation.

I come from a very close family, all of us siblings have to see or talk to each o ...

There are many forms of narrative structure, and they all define an arc, a journey in which a character experiences events and reacts to them.

We do several fix-it projects together; works on is his garden in the summer and the basement in the winter.

I now I can go to my father with any problem I have in my life, he will listen and he is always there to help me out in what ever way he can if he is able to do so.

A universal conflict is the belief in something that is not readily tangible, and maintaining that belief in spite of possible evidence or insistence to the contrary.

We see Luke Skywalker’s attempt to tap into the “good” Force in the Who hasn’t talked at length about the opposite sex over drinks?


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