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Use social media to connect with people personally.Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organization, says: "Thanks to social media, you're able to transfer money now to an individual far easier than you were able to before.

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In extreme winter, they sometimes freeze to death in certain areas.

In rural areas, they live in mud thatched small huts and in urban areas in ghettos (slums), devoid of all basic utilities—water, latrines, bathrooms, electricity, etc.

Poverty is a tragic condition that afflicts millions of people around the globe.

Many struggle to obtain basic necessities and to provide for themselves and their families, yearning for a prosperous life free from the incessant distractions and anxieties of an impoverished way of living.

The reason why Direct Relief and other nonprofits exist is we do something an individual can't do on their own, like warehouse and supply, medic aid, and scale.

But now there are a number of platforms where you can give directly to a person who's affected." Direct Relief is an award-winning humanitarian aid organization, active in all 50 states and more than 80 countries.

Who the poor are today is quite different from those called poor in an earlier period.

In the 19th century and even more than half of the 20th century, people living in villages (in India about 70 per cent of the population lives in villages) depended directly or indirectly mostly on agriculture (as landless labour or small farmers) for their livelihood, having a very small mud thatched hut, were regarded as poor.

The change in technology has changed the face of poverty.

There is a great exodus of population from villages to urban areas in search of jobs.


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