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The problem of guilt is a major theme in Hawthorne’s works.

He used this as a central theme in several of his novels and short stories.

In The Scarlet Letter, one of the most important themes is the effect of guilt (Liukkonen).

Hawthorne supported himself through another political post, the consulship in Liverpool, which he was given for writing a campaign biography for Franklin Pierce.

In 1852, after the publication of , Hawthorne returned to Concord and bought a house called Hillside, owned by Louisa May Alcott's family. He briefly proceeded to travel and live in France and Italy, but he returned to The Wayside just before the Civil War began.

Society and the town of Boston, Massachusetts, influence Hester and Dimmesdale’s senses of guilt and they are also affected by the Puritanical culture. Nathaniel Hawthorne also used the setting of New England in many of his works.

This setting is used in The Scarlet Letter along with other various works.

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The third child, Rose, was born in 1851 and referred to by Hawthorne as his "autumnal flower." Throughout the 1840s, Hawthorne devoted himself to his most famous and acclaimed novel, .

He zealously worked on the novel with a previously untapped determination.


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