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is a revenge tragedy and the object of revenge is Hamlet’s uncle, Claudius.Hamlet is urged to carry out this revenge by the ghost of his father whom Claudius had murdered.Please note that the free papers hosted on this site have been donated by college students.

Shakespeare has always been able to create interesting characters and one of the reasons they are so interesting might be that they are complex people with their inner selves differing from their outer selves.

Are the characters in Hamlet the same on the inside as they appear to be on the outside...

Many Hamlet research papers discuss “Hamlet’s delay” in killing his uncle and Hamlet occasionally expresses a sense of unworthiness because he has not acted with more dispatch.

Shortly before the play-within-a-play is enacted he exclaims against himself, “But I am pigeon-liver’d and lack gall/ To make oppression bitter, or ere this/ I should ha’ fatted all the region kites/ With this slave’s offal” (II:ii;605-8).

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