Gwen Harwood Essay

This suggests that nothing can change or blur the joyful memories that she had with her parents, before time took them away.

Thus reflecting memories as a successful means to finding comfort in dealing with the loss of loved ones.

The violets’, ‘A Valediction’ and ‘Sharpness of Death’Gwen Harwood poetry deeply explores many aspects of the human experience.

In ‘The Violets’ her poetry explores the passage of time.

The shift in time is representative of the change in ones perception of death as the move through life.

The colloquial language and enjambment creates the tone ‘ it will soon be night you goose’ .

’ reflecting the complexity of the concept of passing time, the early years of life, the innocence of childhood and ignorance is seen in the monosyllabic suggesting the impermanent nature of life ‘the thing I could not grasp or name’.

Thus exploring the inevitability of passing time and inevitability of death.

Similar to ‘The Violets’, ‘A Valediction’ explores the search for a means to find comfort and solace.

Rather than memories, Gwen Harwood uses poetry itself to provide solace from the loss of loved ones.


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