Greatest Strength And Weakness Essay

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And therefore, we must accept not just our strengths, but also our weaknesses.

The task here is to think of situations that spurred you to learn something valuable about yourself.

Try to choose examples from different parts of your life – work, community service, extracurriculars – or maybe even something about your personal background.

Growth is understanding that greater strength also produces greater, not less, weakness. It is as superficial as desiring a person just for the way they look, isn’t it? So that kind of self-love is shallow and narrow, not pure, clear, true.

Perhaps you recognize aspects of yourself even here. We are principled, so we try to be less judgmental. We are compassionate, but easily hurt, so we try to be harder, but lose our compassion. That kind of love, which celebrates only what it thinks is valuable, is narcissistic.

Like all of us, you struggle with weakness and strength. Weakness is just the mirror image of strength, and vice versa. Now we do not simply have to despise the weak and admire the strong, right?

Approaching it logically, we suppose strength is the absence of weakness, and vice versa, right? We can have compassion for every single being, including ourselves, and know that they, just like us, are struggling with the oneness of strength in weakness, and weakness in strength. We can at last have three great insights about Self-awareness is not the game of choosing identities, little bits of ourselves to desire.Weak and strong are just matters of perspective now, are they not?When the time came to apply, Samantha used her essays to discuss how she successfully climbed the ranks at the nonprofit and gained more confidence in her leadership abilities through both of these less-conventional ways.Another client Tim admitted he had struggled with multitasking in college and had become so overwhelmed by his classes and social activities that his grades had suffered.Remember, your greatest strength is sometimes the flip side of a frustrating weakness.Consider, for example, the analytical and thorough worker who is detail-oriented but has difficulties seeing the big picture in a strategic way.Faced with increasingly stiff competition for a spot at the top business schools, MBA applicants must possess more than stellar test scores and a pedigreed employment and educational history to gain admission.The admissions committee is looking for that elusive when reading through application essays.Here are three tips to help you address your weaknesses and strengths in your MBA application.• Personalize weaknesses: Leadership experience and potential is highly prized at business schools but doesn’t come easily for everyone. At the same time, Samantha joined Toastmasters to build up her communication skills, and she subsequently started a public speaking club in her office to help others struggling with the same issue.


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