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These is to the positive aspect of the art, for example, the jet set radio program (2000–2003) shows the story of an assembly of youths fighting the subjugation of an authoritarian police that seeks to hinder the graffiti artists’ liberty of expression.Frequently, graffiti is reputed as an element of a culture that seeks to rebel against authority and laws in general as seen in the state where a certain group brands themselves and seek to warn visitors of their presence.Los Angeles is the most densely inhabited city in the state of California, and stands in second place after New York City, as the most populous in America.

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Ancient graffiti expressed love affirmations, social opinions and simple terminology of the notion in comparison to current popular information of societal and political standards as seen in the streets of Los Angeles (Phillips, 46). Graffiti has been commercialized and is gaining popularity while others are seeking its legitimization.

In 2001, IBM a large computer firm instigated a movement in Chicago, and San Francisco, which was advertising peace the campaign primarily, involved the community spray work of art on pavements the given symbols to illustrate “Peace, Love, and Linux.” However, because of the law which states that graffiti art is illegal the act saw the artists detained and prosecuted with damage charges, in addition to the repair costs, and penalty measures, IBM Company was fined more than US$120,000.

In Los Angeles, Sony instigated same advertising campaign in 2005 and other cities, but this time taking into consideration the legal challenges of the IBM campaign.

Sony compensated proprietors for the privileges to paint on their properties; portraits of dizzy-eyed city kids gathering, who were imitating a skateboard, a paddle or a rocking horse using PSP gadget.

The fact that they are not provided with platforms to express themselves is another key issue to be addressed.

In this paper, discussion on ways through which this work of art expresses the social and political issues in relation to Los Angeles will follow suit.

This distinct language is a preserve for graffiti tradition members and can be learnt through participation or continuous exposure to tag culture.

This tag language is one form that graffiti is used to express social issues.

Graffiti expressing political notions is founded in interior representation by which negative political thoughts are channeled.

These types of graffiti are mostly employed through activism movements in times of political protests; they have the ability to induce an emotional response, whether good or bad from their targeted audience.


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