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Who or what, from these experiences, has played a decisive role in your journey?

Who or what, from these experiences, has played a decisive role in your journey?

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That’s just not right, and it’s not fair to students.

More and more people feel they need a graduate degree to have a successful career.

Students end up not using their degrees (such a waste! And many graduate students take on debt that takes years to pay off.

This situation may be good for universities and banks, but it’s awful for students and for society.

I recommend it for anyone who is thinking about graduate school, whether you’re contemplating a professional certificate, Masters degree or Ph D.” “Holy flippin’ spidermonkeys. I’m at a crossroads trying to decide if I should go down the management route (MBA…) or the practice route (MS HCI/UX).

Almost one quarter of a billion people have left their country of birth in search of opportunities abroad – and roughly 4.3 million of those global nomads are enrolled as international students.

Around the world, more students are choosing to study in a broader range of countries than ever before.

However, in a competitive applicant pool for , international experience alone will not necessarily set you apart; instead, it is your ability to reflect deeply on why you are applying to a specific graduate program and how you will contribute once you enroll that should be kept in focus.

You can save the programs that interest you to your free personal profile page, explore each program right away or later on from your phone, tablet or desktop computer, and even save notes on each program.

Researching graduate school takes time–time that most of us just don’t have. Maybe you know where you’d like to go to graduate school but want to comparison shop a little before taking the plunge.


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