Grading Rubric For History Essays

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Therefore, don’t be surprised if the final drafts score consistently well.Your goal is it’s natural to see progress and improvement from draft to draft!

As you grade the paper, you might let that one slide.

Point out the error, certainly, but assure him you’re not penalizing him for earlier oversight. On the other hand, if he simply shows carelessness with spelling or punctuation, or he writes a sentence fragment when he clearly knows better, you’re within your rights to deduct points accordingly.

When grading papers for style, look at the kinds of words and sentences your student has used.

Style can include concreteness, conciseness, sentence variety, tense agreement, and voice.

For the learning experience of proper writing, only one paper at a time needs to go through the entire writing process.

For example, you might evaluate a book report, science article, biography, literature essay, or history report on .If you’re anything like I used to be, you worry about under- or overcorrecting. Your daughter’s paper may “feel” like a B, but when she asks why she didn’t get an A, you don’t have a good answer.You simply don’t know how to tackle that final draft. You’ll be miles ahead when you use a rubric that helps with grading high school papers objectively.Part 1: How to Edit and Grade Writing | Editing High School Papers One of the hardest parts of teaching writing is knowing how to evaluate a paper.It seems like such risky business—a subjective effort characterized by inconsistency and wild guesses.An effective essay is also unified and well organized.Each paragraph in the body of the paper should begin with a topic sentence telling the main point of the paragraph.The meat of a paper is its content, which you grade according to subject matter, substance, argument, evidence, logic, or other relevant criteria.If this is an essay, also include an evaluation of the thesis statement.I learned to grade papers by trial, error, and necessity when I first began teaching writing.Many years and hundreds of papers later, those methods have proved solid and reliable—and I’m confident they’ll help you’ll feel more prepared.


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