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Grab the reader’s attention by opening with a quote or fact.

Asking a question or presenting a strong statement can help keep your reader engaged.

The introduction should be designed to attract the reader's attention and give him/her an idea of the essay's focus.

This article was co-authored by Stephanie Wong Ken.

The thesis should tell in one (or at most two) sentence(s), what your overall point or argument is, and briefly, what your main body paragraphs will be about.

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For example, in an essay about the importance of airbags in cars, the introduction might start with some information about car accidents and survival rates.

Welcome to my world.” They’ll quickly formulate theories about how they’d feel if they were in your shoes. Onomatopoeia is the use of words to create sound effects. The lights in our house went out and the screen door slammed shut.

They might be car or animal noises or the drip of water. We knew it was time to batten down the hatches.” Karen Lo Bello is coauthor of “The Great PJ Elf Chase: A Christmas Eve Tradition.” She began writing in 2009, following a career as a Nevada teacher.

It might also have a grabber about someone who survived a terrible accident because of an airbag.

The thesis would briefly state the main reasons for recommending airbags, and each reason would be discussed in the main body of the essay.


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