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(Gandhi's civil disobedience, Martin Luther's 95 Theses, Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto). Choose two geographic features, and show how they either limited or promoted human interaction.

(Island geography isolated Japan, Mountains isolated the Greek polis, Sahara Desert isolated North from Sub-Saharan Africa, Nile River and Mediterranean Sea increased interactions). Choose 2 20th Century political events, explain them, and show their impact on society.(Hitler gains land, or living space, British imperialism for resources, Japan invades China for resources).- choose two geographic conditions and show how they influenced social, political, and/or economic history of a country or region.The Global History & Geography Regents exam will be undergoing some changes in the near future, with the first change having implications for our students on the June 2018 exam. On Saturday, December 16, 2017, RACSS sponsored a workshop for educators to assist in understanding the new Global History and Geography Regents exam.Led by Donna Merlau, Associate in Instructional Services in the NYSED Office of State Assessment, educators engaged in activities focused on understanding the exam as a whole, with a focus on the Part III Enduring Issues essay. Blank Teacher Planning Sheet for Enduring Issue (Word)9. Explain what led to the migrations, and how each migration impacted a society and/or region.(Gandhi's civil disobedience, Mandela ends apartheid, Locke promotes life, liberty, and property rights in the Enlightenment) - Individuals who Challenged Tradition - Choose two people who challenged tradition and evaluate the success of their challenge.(Gandhi and civil disobedience, Martin Luther and the Reformation, Lenin and Russian Revolution) - Leaders who brought change - Discuss how two leaders came to power, one policy or practice of each leader, and how that policy affected the people.Relevant materials from the workshop (that are not already posted above) are posted below.This video is part of a series, Regents Exam in Global History and Geography II.


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