Gia Lab Report

The Gemological Institute of America will also include a comment on the diamond grading report that discloses the fact it is lab-grown, and has been made with either High Pressure High Temperature or chemical vapor deposition method.

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In addition, the GIA certificate verification part will involve a QR code that will link to its report-check service, and give more information concerning the lab diamond growth process to consumers.

It will list any clarity treatment to the stone as well.

In short, diamond certification is extremely important.

Do not buy a loose diamond that is not graded by a reputable lab.

The new lab-diamond reports of GIA will be available starting from July 01, 2019.

The Institute also noted that customers who have bought synthetic-diamond report from it before that day can have the report exchanged for the new one for free.

Sometimes you might get conflicting opinions because gemologists might tailor their opinion to the lab that graded their diamonds in order to make a sale.

These opinions are obviously biased and you should vary of such opinions while shopping for a diamond.

AGS is a good lab as well, but we have seen some inconsistency at times with them grading clarity and color properly (minor issue). So if you see a GCAL graded diamond, do not hesitate.

However, they are superior with grading cut as they use a proportions-based system. It would be great if it comes with both a GCAL and GIA report.


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