Genocide Essay Introduction

This extensive raping is considered a crime against humanity.

There were many war crimes committed by the Japanese soldiers during the Rape of Nanking.

Due to this ignorance many war crimes and crimes against humanity were committed in both cases (Horvath).

During the Rape of Nanking there were many war crimes and crimes against humanity that occurred.

Most of these Germans had an idea of what was going on, yet they did nothing.

They had an ignorant mindset; they did not want to know and they did not care.

Most, if not all, of the bystanders during the Rape of Nanking were western missionaries that happened to be in China at that time.

Among them were doctors, a filmmaker, and even a Nazi.

They used the prisoner’s of war for bayonet practice, and also held killing contests in which the Japanese officers vied to see who could kill the most people and get the highest body count.

An interesting fact about the Japanese is that they were contemptuous of those who surrendered.


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