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If they could confirm that, it might help give more weight to their latest theory.That's a long way off, but it's a pretty exciting starting point for further calculations and thought experiments.’s free newsletters."data-newsletterpromo-image=""data-newsletterpromo-button-text="Sign Up"data-newsletterpromo-button-link="https:// origincode=2018_sciam_Article Promo_Newsletter Sign Up"name="article Body" itemprop="article Body"The outer limits of 21st-century physics involve arcane pursuits with strange and wonderful names like M-theory and the de Sitter universe.

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It is apparent at a glance that Einstein’s ideas are still going strong.

Thousands of papers published every year make reference to his progeny.

A team of theoretical physicists has a mind-bending new explanation for why our Universe is the way it is, and how it emerged in all its strangeness.

According to a recent paper, space-time itself - the very fabric that makes up our Universe - is nothing more than a product of quantum mechanics.

And distortions in this quantum 'weirdness' can explain why strange phenomena such as entanglement and quantum tunnelling arise.

It sounds pretty out there, but the idea is actually built upon several previous hypotheses.

Specifically, OCR processed 2,435 abstracts of 2014 physics papers from the ar repository via a powerful text-analysis program incorporated into IBM’s Watson AI system.

The software extracted keywords that turned up repeatedly in abstracts from a section of ar Xiv on general relativity and quantum cosmology.

In fact, it could fundamentally link the two biggest theories in physics - general relativity and quantum mechanics.

Which means we would finally get the much-desired quantum gravity 'theory of everything' that physicists have been lusting after for decades."If one accepts that gravitational phenomena like the formation of planetary systems, galaxies or even black holes, have the very same origin as entanglement and the tunnel effect - indeed that gravity is quantum - then an unification between quantum physics and gravity may be at reach," one of the researchers behind the study, Paulo Castrothe University of Lisbon in Portugal, told Science Alert in an exclusive interview.


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