Gcse Mathematics Coursework Tasks

All other GCSE coursework would have to be supervised, Mr Johnson told the Labour party conference on Wednesday. Mr Johnson said qualifications could not be undermined by a few cheats who took their work from the internet.Parents needed to be reassured that coursework assessed pupils' work in a "fair and robust way".I then used my formula to predict the next stage in the cube sequence.

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"As a result of the QCA's report, we will be removing all GCSE coursework from maths and stipulating that in other subjects, coursework must be supervised in classroom style conditions.

"Coursework can be very beneficial and I am determined that the hard work of the vast majority of students should not be undermined by questions of validity.

I found a connection and used this to determine the general formulae for any 2D shape that tessellates.

Next I decided to see if my general formulae worked, I decided to use triangles, as, like squares and hexagons they tessellate.

I checked my formulae by predicting the shaded, unshaded and total amount of triangles for the first three stages of the sequence.

My predictions were correct and my general formula worked.

"There are some subjects for which it is totally inappropriate.

I hope however that coursework is retained for subjects such as the arts, geography and history." The NASUWT teachers' union said it would examine the proposals very carefully but was sure supervised coursework would address problems of plagiarism.

Now I investigated the volume of the cubes, I discovered that the cubes were made up of the square sequences built on top of each other.

I used this information to create a formula for the volume of the cubes.


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