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According to a 2010 Live Science article, Schwab said that the eyelid acts like a seatbelt for a woodpecker's eye. Just to be sure though, in 2004, Edward Cussler led the experiment at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. A 2015 study in Chem Bio Chem explained how to unfold proteins and refold them in more useful ways.He published his studies in The British Journal of Ophthalmology. He and his student, Brian Gettelfinger, a competitive swimmer thickened a swimming pool's water with guar gum to mimic the effects of syrup and asked 16 swimmers to swim in it, comparing their times to regular swimming. The scientists argue that they can salvage the sticky material that gets stuck in test tubes, and later apply the technology to the pharmaceutical and cheese-making industries. When you place an order with an online writer for your essay, there are several things that most writing companies have.

Custom writing services have infested the academic world.

How can students spot decent, legitimate companies?

They trained the birds to recognize pieces by Monet and Picasso and to discriminate between the two. In 2011, scientists at Albany Medical College published a paper on the music preferences of cocaine-infused rats. As music goes without cocaine, they prefer Beethoven. Miles Davis, even the cocaine was out of their systems.

Professor Watanabe said, “This research does not deal with advanced artistic judgments, but it shows that pigeons are able to acquire the ability to judge beauty similar to that of humans.” Do woodpeckers get headaches? A 2007 paper by University of California Davis ophthalmologist Ivan Schwab found that woodpeckers have special traits that help them to avoid brain damage, detached eyes, and bleeding when they hammer their beaks into trees at the speed of 20 times a second, 12,000 times a day. You can read about it in the American Institute of Chemical Engineers Journal. They played Beethoven and Miles Davis to rats with and without cocaine. How to partially unboil an egg At some point, this could be a useful skill.

An argumentative essay is one where you argue one side or another in a popular debate.

Your topic must be one that has at least two sides to it.

They can only side with you if you present a sound argument with supporting evidence as to why your side is better and also point out flaws in the logic or argument of the opposition.

That being said any topic on which you write for an argumentative paper must be one that has two sides to it.

But if you don’t know who will read the paper or what the reader’s sense of humor is you must be cautious in your attempt to write an argumentative essay on a funny topic.

That being said one of the best ways to write a funny argument essay is to take a sarcastic twist on the topic.


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