Function Of Literature Review In Research Process

Function Of Literature Review In Research Process-36
The literature review helps you to establish the nature of your contribution to knoweldge.The type of contribution differs from project to project.But this overlooks how important the literature review is to a well-written experimental report or research paper.

The literature review helps you to establish the nature of your contribution to knoweldge.The type of contribution differs from project to project.

The purpose of a traditional literature review is to demonstrate a gap or problem in your field that your research seeks to address.

The importance of addressing the gap for your field or discipline must not be assumed but persuasively demonstrated.

Articles of this type can be highly beneficial to someone seeking to launch an original study; literature surveys have already laid some of the groundwork for a prospective researcher's own literature review.

When the survey serves as the initial step that precedes a further investigation of an idea or ideas about a topic, then that review of the literature sets the stage for the presentation of original research.

Literature reviews come in many shapes and sizes, and may be placed in different areas in different theses.

However, for most projects, the literature review usually has one overall purpose: to provide a rationale for your research in terms of what has gone before.However, more usually it’s the part of an academic paper, thesis or dissertation that sets out the background against which a study takes place. In a college paper, you can use a literature review to demonstrate your understanding of the subject matter.This means identifying, summarizing and critically assessing past research that is relevant to your own work.Both the literature survey and the original study are considered academic articles, as opposed to popular articles.Both involve research in order to come to a better understanding of a topic.It documents the state of the art with respect to the subject or topic you are writing about.A literature review has four main objectives: A literature review shows your readers that you have an in-depth grasp of your subject; and that you understand where your own research fits into and adds to an existing body of agreed knowledge.Original research usually involves the selection of a methodology for examining a topic and may include the gathering of data that can be further analyzed to arrive at assumptions about the topic.Data may be derived from the examination of human subjects, from conducting surveys or assessments, from the study of particular species of plants or animals, from the systematic scientific measurement of any physical phenomena, from nearly anything that can be documented and analyzed.It can help to think of the literature review as the foundations for your study, since the rest of your work will build upon the ideas and existing research you discuss therein.A crucial part of this is formulating a theoretical framework, which comprises the concepts and theories that your work is based upon and against which its success will be judged.


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