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Using Google Custom Search, Open DOAR combs through open access repositories around the world and returns relevant research in all disciplines.

The repositories it searches through are assessed and categorized by Open DOAR staff to ensure they meet quality standards.

While most of these link to the full-text article on the original publisher's site, five million records are hosted directly on CORE.

In addition to a straightforward keyword search, CORE offers advanced search options to filter results by publication type, year, language, journal, repository, and author.

You must become a member to use the services, but registration is free and enables you to interact with other scholars around the world.

Public Library of Science (PLOS) is a big player in the world of open access science.

Links lead to other sites, where you may have to purchase the information, but you can search for full-text articles only.

The service primarily indexes journals, grey literature (such as technical reports, white papers, and government documents), and books.

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