Frankenstein Ap Book Report

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From the notes, the monster learns of his creation.

He has endured rejection by mankind, but he has not retaliated upon mankind in general for his misfortune.

Throughout the narration, they are globally passive, rising only in the most extreme scenarios to seek action from the surrounding men.

The language used by Victor to describe his mother to father relationship portrays this image of passivity in women.

Justine Moritz, their housekeeper, is falsely accused of the murder of William, and she goes to the gallows willingly.

Victor knows who the killer is but cannot tell his family or the police.Instead, he has decided to take revenge on his creator's family to avenge the injury and sorrow he endures from others.Removing #book# from your Reading List will also remove any bookmarked pages associated with this title.Victor breaks the continuity of the story so as to link on how Elizabeth became a family member.The use of guiding statements such as, “before I continue my narrative,” structures Victor’s narrative.He is raised with Elizabeth, an orphan adopted by his family.Victor delights in the sciences and vows to someday study science. For two years, Victor becomes very involved with his studies, even impressing his teachers and fellow students.Though the loss bound, poverty of Beaufort and Elizabeth’s orphaning, for instance, it is usually quickly alleviated to the presence of a close and loving family.Nonetheless, in the early passages, the reader senses that the comfort and stability of the family are about to explode.Victor prepares to leave for his studies at the University of Ingolstadt, when his mother and Elizabeth become ill with scarlet fever. He devises a plan to re-create and reanimate a dead body.Caroline dies from the disease, and Elizabeth is nursed back to health. He uses a combination of chemistry, alchemy, and electricity to make his ambition a reality.


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