Florence Nightingale Essay Outline

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lorence Nightingale has become well known globally for her work as a nurse in Europe.

Not only has she been recognized for her work in nursing, but she also made powerful imprints in statistics, its application to the humanities, sanitation regulations, military hospital regulations, patient care standards, and empowerment for women in the workforce.

These specific choices regarding how she took advantage of the circumstances she had would set her up for success.

Nightingale chose to take advantage of the education she was given and became highly intelligent and well rounded, which allowed her to have more opportunities.

Florence Nightingale played a foundational role in nursing, sanitation, health care, and statistics.

Nightingale popularized the pie chart in statistics to give visual representation to data gathered specifically regarding sanitation and mortality rates.More than 150 years later, after the Crimean War ended with an allied win at the Treaty of Paris, author Malcolm Gladwell wrote about the historically successful people in , and claimed, “If you work hard enough and assert yourself, and use your mind and imagination you can shape the world with your desires.” (Gladwell, 2009 p.151 ).Florence Nightingale was a rebel in her era, and as time has elapsed society has learned that “well-behaved women seldom make history”(Ulrich, 2008).Nightingale also had the opportunity to converse with other brilliant minds, as well as affluent social reformers, because of her social connections (Nightingale, 2002).These connections gave her insight on the needs of the outside world and inspired more curiosity and desire to help beyond her elite social circle and its neighboring villages (Nightingale, 2002).She studied literature, mathematics, history, philosophy, French, German, Italian, Greek, and Latin, in great detail (Nightingale, 2002).Engrossing herself in her studies, she paid little mind to the social expectations her mother had for her.This advantage of a few months gave these young athletes more opportunities, such as being placed on higher teams and getting better coaching, giving them better athletic success in the long run.These small traits, such as height and birthday, could end up making or breaking a person’s career.The Crimean War raged on, as Florence Nightingale received a letter from the Secretary of War, Sidney Herbert, asking for her help with the massive casualties, sickness, and injuries resulting from the war. She fumed when she arrived and saw patients lying in their own feces and an offensive stench wafted into her nose.“We must get to work immediately, where are my supplies? She faced a strong arrogant man whose concern had never been on the wellbeing of the sick soldiers who lay in front of him (2009).


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