Five Paragraph Essay On Books And Internet

Personal communication has also become more easier thanks to e-mail.Chat rooms, video conferencing are some of the latest additions in this technology and these have allowed peoples to chat in real time.With this storehouse of information people can not only increases their knowledge bank but can do so without wasting their time through traditional means such as visiting libraries and conducting exhaustive research.

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Online education has grown at a very fast pace since internet allow the development and uses of innovative tools for imparting education.

University students and lecturers can communicate through internet.

Whether this information is the latest news happenings in the world or information about your favourite celebrity, everything is available at your finger tips.

A huge cache of data is available on the internet on every single subjects.

The search engines like Google, Yahoo are at your service through the internet.

There is a huge amount of information available on the internet for just about every subjects known to man, ranging from government law and services, trade fairs and conferences, market information, new ideas and technical support, the lists is simply endless.

Thirdly, entertainments is another popular reasons why many people prefer to surf the internet.

In fact, the internet has becomes quite successful in trapping the multifaceted entertainment industry.

We can use internet to communicate with people around the world, doing business by using internet, make new friend and know different cultures, searching information, studying and etc.

The internet not only allows for communication through email but also ensures easy availability of information, images, and products amongst other things.


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