Fences Essay Thesis

Your thesis should indicate the point of the discussion.

If your assignment is to write a paper on kinship systems, using your own family as an example, you might come up with either of these two thesis statements: While most American families would view consanguineal marriage as a threat to the nuclear family structure, many Iranian families, like my own, believe that these marriages help reinforce kinship ties in an extended family.

Troy disapproves of Lyons’ musical goals and Cory’s football ambitions to the point where the reader can notice Troy’s illogical way of releasing his displeasures.

Frank Rich’s 1985 review of Fences in the New York Times argues that Troy’s constant anger is not irrational, but expected.

Troy has a right to be angry, but to whom he takes out his anger on is questionable.

He regularly gets fed up with his sons, Lyons and Cory, for no good reason.

Living on an impoverished farm in the Deep South, Troy describes his father, who beats him regularly and only cares about work, as the devil. ...eless, he essentially lived his life in a constant low point.

In Troy’s dialogue with Bono and Lyons, Troy remarks, “My daddy turned to face me, I could see why the devil had never come to get him…cause he was the devil himself” (Wilson 52). Troy’s anger is undoubtedly misguided, but entirely permissible considering his hardships.

Readers will be interested in reading the rest of the essay to see how you support your point.

Readers need to be able to see that your paper has one main point.


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