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When chance brings the boys together‚ they decide for fun to switch clothes‚ but fate suddenly casts them into each other’s worlds.

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Additionally‚ you can read selections from Louis J.

Budd’s New American Library edition of his brilliant and sometimes neglected short works: Mark Twain: Collected Tales‚ Sketches‚ Speeches‚ & Essays‚ 1852-1890; and (both New York: Library of America‚ 1992).

Adam’s last words at Eve’s grave are: “Wheresoever she was‚ there was Eden.” A murder mystery set in a town on the Mississippi featuring strong and weak characters‚ some black and some white.

The book has a strong female character‚ unusual in Mark Twain’s writing.

SEPTEMBER 26, 2013 IN THE 150 YEARS Samuel Clemens has been better known as Mark Twain, journalists, scholars, and even bartenders have offered competing theories as to where America’s first signature wit acquired his nom de plume. But neither has stood up to scholarly investigation, and the truth has been elusive until perhaps now.

According to Twain, his pen name once belonged to a Mississippi riverboat captain, and he merely “laid violent hands upon it.” Newspapers at the time however claimed he earned his alias drinking at a one-bit saloon in Virginia City, Nevada. In the new issue of the Mark Twain Journal, a rare book dealer presents his discovery of an 1861 magazine sketch that offers the first fact-based theory on “Mark Twain”; it suggests Clemens found his pseudonym in a popular humor journal, then invented the riverboat story to promote his Missouri roots.

Mark Twain’s account‚ adapted from his own newspaper reports‚ of his adventures traveling through Europe and the Middle East with other Americans.

Voyaging on the steamship Quaker City‚ the sightseers first make stops in Europe‚ including Paris‚ Milan‚ Venice‚ Florence‚ Rome and Athens.

Although the story was mostly written in the 1880s‚ it is set in the time of slavery prior to the Civil War.

Twain uses Huck’s predicaments to illustrate the failure of reconstruction in the post-Civil War South.


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