Family Violence Persuasive Essay

Whatever name is used to refer to it, however, domestic violence is a very grave and difficult problem faced by Australian society.

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This fact explains the apparent concentration of domestic violence occurrences within families of lower socioeconomic status since these families are more likely to suffer stressful conditions such as poor health, unemployment, unsatisfactory housing and lifestyles along with many others.

However, in complete contrast to such beliefs that domestic violence occurs mainly in lower socioeconomic groups, data collected by the Family Violence Professional Education Taskforce (1991) indicates that family violence is prevalent throughout all class boundaries.

Spouse abuse occurs throughout all aspects of society.

However, as shown in Figure 1, it rates around two times higher among families where the male partner is unskilled (and thus more likely to be unemployed) relative to families where the male partner is skilled or trained in a particular field (and therefore more likely employed).

Thus arises the major issue concerning whether or not it is morally acceptable to impose the ideas and beliefs of western society onto another culture.

According to O’Donnell and Craney (1982), domestic violence can also arise in response to various social structural factors.

These statistics are unlikely to have improved with an increase in unemployment over the last fifteen years (O’Donnell and Craney 1982).

It is evident that a complete and sound understanding of domestic violence would rely on explanations which place responsibility for the violence with external factors such as stress and alcohol.

In addition, Larouche (1986) maintains that although alcohol may lower both awareness and self-control, a person who uses it is responsible both for drinking and for their behaviour.

Somewhat contrary to other studies, Van Hasselt (1988) maintained that occupational status rather than employment status seems to be a significant stimulus to violence where women of higher socioeconomic status than their partners are at a higher risk of being victims of domestic abuse.


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