Family Entertainment Center Business Plan

Through a unique blend of asking specific questions and active listening, our FEC sales team will assist you in determining the right equipment for your specific demographic makeup and clientele.From the earliest stages of concept to support after the sale, we can truly offer our customers a turnkey, worry free approach to the entire customer experience.“Even when they sense there’s something wrong, whether that’s on their end or ours, they work to understand what that issue is and stay on it until they get it resolved.”"Shaffer Amusement & Vending Company"“They were able to meet our needs, understand our organizational goals and apply their skillset at the right time.

Shaffer has earned our confidence early and continue to earn it every day of our operation.

They’ve directed us time and time again into new markets and convinced us to try profitable products we may have missed without their sound advice. Whatever they say they’re going to do, they’re going to do.”"Family Entertainment Group"“They’re a company that gets five-star ratings.

The support they provide after the sale is second to none and makes it easy to make a large commitment to a product,” "Bell Music Company"“If someone were to ask me if I would recommend Shaffer, I would without question. If you could earn a six-star rating, they would get it,” he said.

We look at Shaffer as an extension of our team here at Edison’s."Edison's Entertainment Complex"From the planning stages to game room layout and installation the folks at Shaffer know their business.

With the added services and expertise, they provide on redemption prize payouts and suggested pricing, you can't go wrong.


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