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Immediately after World War II, Hong Kong had a population of about 600,000.A colony of Britain, it did not receive its freedom after the war as most other colonies did. If Hong Kong had been set free, it almost surely would have been taken over by China.

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The notion of transformation is fiction as the story mainly focuses on the physical transformation rather than mental aspect.

Pessimistically the tale ends with a clarification that it is impossible for human transformation to take place whether physically or mentally.

Another notable theme in the story with a fictions element is that of old age.

The author relates the issue of age and behavior and goes ahead to explain the difference between classifying age physically and emotionally or mentally.

The story depicts human beings as largely petty creatures who do not expect anyone to change for the better.

The fiction perspective of this theme is the way the four elderly people squandered all their wealth in their youth and are now living in regrets of their past lives.

Already with this notion, the guests drink the water and automatically deem themselves as young and they once again fight for the widow’s attention.

The moral side of the story presents the youth connecting with folly, but, gives no optimism for emancipation in old age either.

Heidegger’s experiment is a story that begins with the old doctor requesting four elderly friends over to his somewhat unnatural study. Medbourne, Colonel Killigrew, Widow Wycherly, and Mr. The four elderly friends have lost everything they had in their prime time each of them having squandered their own wealth (money, beauty, youth, and power).

In their young years, the three men used to struggle over the concentration of the Widow Wycherly.


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