Experience New Culture Essay

Technology and media have brought people of different cultures together and this evident on social media, online forums, and discussions.Culture is also one way of entertainment where people come to learn and appreciate the cultures of other societies and country in general.

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When culture is used as a lens in explaining the failures and successes, it is also obscuring extensive biological and socioeconomic factors.

Understanding culture’s part in shaping one, one must comprehend that culture is not only the unmoving deposit of customs and ideas one lives with but it as well is shaped by diverse aspects like behavior (innate and learned), and circumstance (Van, 2017).

More technologically developed communities are accessing goods and services through up to date media than less technologically developed communities.

Additionally, the role of advertising media is nowadays a channel of sharing knowledge all across the globe.

Because of media, the society can know what conflicting views are through press freedom and this is opens the space for debating and discussing, all of which help robust functioning of a democratic community (Geber, Scherer, & Hefner, 2016).

Technically, culture is consistently in the news and not only in the entrainment page of the newspapers and arts.

The subject of material culture is covering the physical assertions of culture like architecture, art, and technology, whereas the immaterial features of culture such as essentials of social organizations (includes practices of social institution and political organizations), literature (both oral and written), mythology, philosophy, and science comprising the untouchable cultural heritage of a community.

In the liberal arts, one perception of culture as a trait of the individual has been the level to which they have improved a specific degree of sophistication in the education, sciences, manners, or arts.

Culture is a common subject in anthropology that encompasses the span of phenomena that are conveyed through social education in human communities.

Some characteristic of social practices, like human behavior and culture conveying forms like rituals, music, religion, dance, and advancement such as shelter, clothing, cooking, and tool usage are referred to be cultural universals, that are found in all human communities.


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