Examples Of Methodology Section In Research Paper

Provide the details that you considered while designing the study or collecting the data because the smallest variations in these steps may affect the results and interpretation of their significance.Listed below are some useful ways of breaking the ice between the Methods section and the readers:: Usually, each paragraph or subsection of the Methods section talks about a specific experiment.Early in each paragraph, explain the rationale behind your choices of that particular experiment.; for example, why you used a certain compound, a specific strain of mice as the experimental model or the particular concentration of that key reagent.Instead, mention and cite the specific experiment and mention that the referred process was followed.However, if you have modified the standard process to meet the specific aim of your study, do describe the modifications and the reasons for those in sufficient detail.You may also consult the biostatistician of your team to receive help to write this sectionindicate if the recommendations of a knowledgeable and experienced statistician were considered.Finally, it is important to provide the justification of the preferred statistical method used in the study.While every detail of your experiment need not be included, the essential and critical steps should be well described to receive a positive peer review.Read the author’s instruction section of your target journal carefully and follow the specific instructions.Some of the standardized and widely referred checklists include the ones : All the experiments should be presented in a logical manner that helps the reader retrace the gradual and development and nuances of the study.A useful way of achieving this is to describe the methods in a chronological order of the experiments.


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