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However, the observation methodology may not produce the desired results because people behave differently when they are aware of being watched.Therefore, the teacher and pupils may behave differently when they are know that someone is watching them in the class room.

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The study assumed that teachers with higher level of education have a deeper understanding of child development issues.

This study does rightly show that teachers with deeper training and higher education are able to interact with the childhood in appropriate manner than those who do not.

In relation to this specific paper, Higgins research shed light on how to carry on out such experiential / action research by using a combination of research methodologies and data collection instrument, however the results may not be same.

Generally behave differently from the normal self when they know that someone is watching them.

There are many aspects of child’s learning that requires teacher’s personal engagement and interaction with the child, which would include reading of story books, arithmetic and the use of ICT.

Regard to reading of story books, Gosen et al (2009) seeks to examine the hypothesis that children’s interaction with teachers at the Kindergarten contributes to children’s knowledge and development.

Gosen et al’s papers has indicated that reading aloud through interaction and directive from the teacher has contributed much to the learning of children and cognitive development because allows them to become competent and fine turned in oral proficiency and adapt to the linguistic level of the child.

Gosen et al has argued that much of the contemporary research tend to focus much on the adults behaviors in interacting with children, but add rather that children themselves are powerful plays in the teacher- pupils.

Higgins’s study (2011) mainly seeks to investigate the development of teacher-student relationships and the understandings that teachers and students have of those relationships.

This research is relevant to the writer’s professional practice because it looks at the role of the interactive relationship between the teacher and child in classroom setting and how this relationship interplays.


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