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This module is intended as an introductory guide to writing stand-alone literature reviews.

This module is intended as an introductory guide to writing stand-alone literature reviews.A graduate literature review module is also available in the graduate research and writing section of the Research and Learning Online site.Citing several published works at once can demonstrate your understanding of the patterns and consensus in the literature.

The section describes the main conclusions from analysis of all the current studies and puts forth further avenues for research.

This section requires critical interpretation by the author such that the review adds value to existing literature.

Every research report/ thesis/research article begins with an introduction to the topic of research. The main purpose of the review is to introduce the readers to the need for conducting the said research.

A literature review should begin with a thorough literature search using the main keywords in relevant online databases such as Google Scholar, Pub Med, etc.

They usually focus on a single question and have clear study objectives that are worked upon in a systematic manner.

These studies are based on a well-defined strategy unlike narrative reviews.

The video below contains tips for writing a good research question.

Paraphrasing and summarising are key skills required in a literature review.

A literature review is a comprehensive overview of all the knowledge available on a specific topic till date.

When you decide on a research topic, usually the first step you take in the direction of conducting research is learn more about the previous research published on the topic, and this eventually translates into literature review when you write your research paper.


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