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It would be great if you already know something about the issue.

Writing a paper on something that’s a complete mystery to you could be challenging and make it difficult for you to do research, let alone explain the topic to the reader.

In short, the main difference between the expository and argumentative types is that one is objective while the other is subjective.

Before you start, you may need some tips on how to cope with your work successfully. Your teacher may have already assigned you the topic, but in case they didn’t and it’s all up to you, you’ll need a system to help you choose the best topic for your paper.

Even if you already know a lot about this topic, don’t skip this step.

You will need to cite some sources and by researching, you might even learn more about this topic and discover things you didn’t know before.

When your first draft is finished, take a breather and put your work aside for at least a few hours before taking a look at it again.

Some helpful editing tips: As you write your expository essay: keep in mind the differences between an expository and argumentative essay, remember that great research goes a long way; add a variety of examples of your topic, including some that might not be so common; craft a solid thesis statement and make sure to give yourself time to edit.

Other goals, such as learning "time management" and note-taking, are also developed by this activity.

If you’ve been a student for quite some time, you are likely familiar with the EDNA classification of essays – Expository, Descriptive, Narrative, and Argumentative essay.


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