Evils Of Dowry System Essay

However it is the poor who succumb and fall prey to it, more due to their lack of awareness and education.

It is because of the dowry system, that daughters are not valued as much as the sons.

They appear to be powerless to stop themselves being sold in marriage.

Maybe change is in the gift of young men who do appear to have power within their families to stop this practice?

Women there needs to act on this in order to eradicate dowery from their country for good!

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Dowry is a social evil in the society, that has caused unimaginable tortures and crimes towards women.

The evil has taken lives of women from all stratas of society - be it poor, middle class or the rich.

Their daughter Sagarika Rai or the person to be playing the role of a wife is XYZ…. He is a Scene-3 N-Today is the auspicious day of karvachauth. But I have to attend my college as I have my major tests today Mrs.

You nasty girl I know you, you will go out have fun eat food and leave this old lady with loads of work. Sagarika- Mom whatever you want to say you can say it to me but don’t insult my parents.


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