Ethics Papers On Euthanasia

The sense in which physicians encounter it today, as a request for the active and intentional hastening of a patient’s demise, is a modern phenomenon; the first sample sentence given by the Oxford English Dictionary to illustrate the use of the verb is dated 1975.

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As our discussion of “slippery slopes” later explains, jurisdictions that start by restricting legalized euthanasia to its voluntary form find that it expands into the involuntary procedure, whether through legalizing the latter or because of abuse of the permitted procedure.

In the Netherlands, Belgium, and Lichtenstein, physicians are legally authorized, subject to certain conditions, to administer euthanasia.

It would be akin to a cadre of interventional cardiologists, equipped with a shaky grasp of the vascular anatomy of the myocardium, debating the merits of an innovative approach to intracoronary stenting.

This article addresses such lacunae in relation to euthanasia and PAS.

Ethical alternatives to euthanasia are available, or should be, and euthanasia is absolutely incompatible with physicians' primary mandate of healing.

Ethics Papers On Euthanasia

Keywords: euthanasia, physician assisted-suicide, healing, suffering, palliative care, palliative sedation Corrigendum for this paper has been published Introduction One of us (JDB) was recently attending on a clinical service where a situation arose that prompted a discussion concerning assisted suicide.

For the sake of clarity, we note here that outside those jurisdictions, for a physician to administer euthanasia would be first-degree murder, whether or not the patient had consented to it.

Assisted suicide Assisted suicide has the same goal as euthanasia: causing the death of a person.

We review the main arguments advanced by proponents and opponents of legalizing euthanasia.

The philosophical assumptions guiding our perspectives are laid out.


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