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I worry about that sometimes, because 30 years ago I would have stayed up all night.Now I’m like, How do you prepare to read for a show like this, with thousands of people waiting for you? I think part of it is…you have to trust your instincts.While working on your diaries, did you go through a period when you were reading diaries or memoirs? I love it when they’re a kid and they don’t know they’re going to be famous, and you’re saying to the book, “Don’t worry about it, you’re going to be famous.” They don’t know. Then there are people who you didn’t even think about.

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Before a performance at Wolf Trap in Vienna, Virginia, the gifted humorist sat down with me to talk about his performing life, his writing career, and why you should You’re a very disciplined writer, as your most recent book of diary items well demonstrates.

Have you always been that disciplined about your writing? When I started writing, I started writing every day.

He examines this willful avoidance ironically, through his love of the reality series revealed made-up characters or events that never happened, and the author has described his own recollections as “realish.”The new book includes an improbable tale of his enlistment of a child-size stranger, whom he met at an El Paso book signing, to surgically remove a benign egg-size tumor, which he intended to feed to a favorite snapping turtle at a park.

“All told, it was an exceptional evening: a chance to meet interesting new people and have at least one of them reach inside of me with her tiny hands," he writes., especially personal reflections on his family, feels true.

They've never been close, and Lou may never have accepted that David is gay, though he imparted an appreciation for jazz.“The silence my father and I inflicted on each other back then is now exacerbated by his advanced age,” Sedaris writes ruefully.

“Every time I see him could be the last, and the pressure I feel to make our conversations meaningful paralyzes me.”That’s not a thought that’s easily embellished.Or at least true-ish, a fungible commodity these days.Perhaps he’s simply channeling his late mother, whose specialty “was the real-life story, perfected and condensed,” he writes.And I hope that maybe when you do come to a show in London, that would be a really good opportunity to buy my new book, and I’d be happy to sign it for you.” Why would they tell me that? Well, it’s interesting, because I could say that I could write your biography, but everybody knows your story already. If someone were writing a story of my life, they could talk to Mark Silverberg, who would say, “Oh, he’s an asshole, and he screwed me over.” You could probably make that list yourself – the people you don’t want to be interviewed about yourself.The genre of memoir has exploded in the last decade or so. I’m guessing we all have that list buried in our subconscious.I just got an email from people who I offered to give free tickets to for a show in London. I was going through with it even though it wasn’t what I wanted. Somebody from Little, Brown called me and said, “Do you have a book that we could publish or that we could look at?And they said, “We saw you at the BBC and that was free, and then you offered us free tickets to London, and then we got your books for free, and so we haven’t paid anything.” I wrote back, “You know, I would not have told me that. ” I thought, “Well, .” So I brought them the book, and then when they said they would take it, I went to the agent and said, “I’m going to go with somebody else for this.” Because I didn’t want to be tied to him, because I didn’t feel anything for him.I wouldn’t have sent you that list if I thought you were going to do that.” People have no problem doing that. We went out for lunch, and he said, “I was with Jerry Salinger, and we’re in the Village, and we’d go hear Billie Holiday and then…” The stories.Though I would say it’s a little unusual to tell the author himself. “I’m representing Lillian Hellman because she’s doing this production of in Russia.” You’re a young man, and you’re with this man, and everyone knows his name, and he’s telling you these stories, and you don’t know that he’s going to be telling these stories over and over again. But there was an agent before that, who I let go of because he got me a contract with a small gay press, and it wasn’t what I wanted.I think it was Philip Larkin who said something like, until you have children of your own, you’ll always be your father’s son. I saw my father yesterday, and it can be tricky with him, but it was one of those times when it was just heartbreaking to see him…He was much more frail than the last time I saw him. The culture of all content being available for free is getting pervasive. I think that there are 500 places online where you can get my book for free.I thought, “Why couldn’t I have learned to play the piano? My publisher will close one down and another one pops right up.


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    In December 2008, David Sedaris traveled to Binghamton University to act as the Fall commencement speaker; he then received an honorary doctorate from university president Lois B. DeFleur. In April 2010, BBC Radio 4 aired Meet David Sedaris, a four-part series of essays Sedaris read before an audience at BBC Radio Theatre in Broadcasting House.…

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