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Obviously, I was picturing Yosemite Sam the whole time.

The customer was pissed, but the ghostwriting gig can get tedious if you don’t take the occasional creative liberty.

I received an illuminating reply: I have to tell you that I am Jub-Jub’s mother, some replies were not from Jub-Jub, but from me…Anyway, I hope you will finish the ordered essay in a good quality and hope Jub-Jub will get it from you as soon.

thanks very much Mrs Jones Suddenly, everything had become so much clearer. They were co-conspirators, partners in crime, both in pursuit of the same goal. They wanted to go to the same Ivy League schools as the rich kids.

If you could take that description and refine it into a target demographic, you’d have the perfect marketplace for a full-service college cheating business.

The act of photoshopping your kid into a coxswain action pose — this is not uniquely the behavior of a wealthy person. An abbreviated story from my ghostwriting days: Way back when, I was writing a 13-page paper on Human Resources for a college senior that we’ll call Jub-Jub.The Brown essay included the usual boilerplate prompts: In reading your application, we want to get to know you as well as we can.We ask that you use this opportunity to tell us something more about yourself that would help us toward a sense of who you are, how you think, and what issues and ideas interest you most. I wrote a really solid essay about his character-building experience as a grizzled 1850s gold prospector whose specialty was dynamiting passageways into Old West mountainsides.Truly though, the most absurd details of them all concern parental behavior. Fast-forward to 25 years later, when she doctored a photo of her daughter on a rowing machine to convey the ruse that she was a varsity coxswain on her high school crew team.I’m sorry, but that’s funnier than any part of star Felicity Huffman, and a bunch of big, bad CEOs are just like hundreds of other customers I dealt with back in my ghostwriting days — cockpit parents determined to steer their children through life, to spare them challenge, hardship, failure and all the other things that allow us to become well-adjusted human beings.When news of the giant college admissions cheating scandal broke last week, I couldn’t help but feel a little sentimental.My old business was grabbing some big-time headlines. Clearly, not a lot has changed since I left the academic ghostwriting business.That was probably the first time I spotted the tell-tale signs of parental interference. Whether it was the Daddy’s name on the credit card, Mommy’s voice in email, or even just the pressure applied by family expectation, parents are more often than not standing close by their cheating children, encouraging, cajoling, insulating, inciting. Like the rich kids, they were hardly above cheating to get there.And most importantly — like the rich kids — their parents just wanted what was best for them…even if the best was probably just outside the reach of their abilities.Defendants include Hollywood stars, corporate CEOs, college coaches, test proctors, test-takers, and — at the center of the scheme — “entrepreneur” William Rick Singer.As I read the hot-takes and watched the wall-to-wall cable news coverage, it all felt a little personal. Watching the Varsity Blues news, It was all so familiar, and obvious. But equally predictable is our ability to compartmentalize these events, to contextualize them, and to eventually forget them.


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    To cheat or not to cheat, that is a pretty big question. But as a matter of fact, it’s not a question at all. It’s a nagging thought that crawls into your conscience each time you’re presented with an opportunity to get into someone else’s bed.…

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    There can be a multiple reasons because of which I, you and we should not cheat in exams but that certainly should not be FEAR. If you are not prepared lets get failed and try again and again and try something else but don’t fool yourself. Exams install guts in you.…

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    What makes cheaters want to cheat. whether its on a test,relationship, or just life in general. There are cheaters around us everyday and they seem to always get away with it. Others are not so lucky and actually get caught. I personally think its wrong. You should be yourself and not worry about what other people want you to be.…

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    Here are 10 reasons why cheating is NOT acceptable. 1. You don’t have to be in a relationship. As mentioned above, being in a relationship has its challenges. Some people are not mature enough or interested in facing these challenges head on. Remember, you have the choice to choose whether or not you want to commit to someone. Plenty of people are single and love their life.…

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    Students are likely not to feel like cheating if they are integrated in the school community and consider themselves to be a valuable part of it. Besides, students who feel that their teachers or instructors really care and are not indifferent to them are less likely to cheat on exams and assignments.…

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    Essay on Cheating. Cheating Cheating used to be considered an unmentionable sin. However, in this day and age, it has become more common and somewhat of a daily occurrence. Cheating is more widespread today than in the past. According to the article titled Education The New Morality, cheating has not been an issue of values.…

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    Obviously, when you make the rules there is no reason to cheat. Furthermore, being the rule-makers let students behave in a way that makes us a quintessentially unique species. We recognize when we are in a game, and more so than just playing along, we always try to bend the rules to our advantage.…

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