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The car that has he green light would be coming in fast and unrestrained and with full momentum.

A collision with anything would cause great damage to both the car as well as to whatever it hits.

In addition to these mandatory penalties imposed by law, the Court may impose other penalties such as a fine, essays, traffic school, or other sanctions.

All fines and costs must be paid prior to leaving Court.

The most common traffic violation is perhaps running the red light.

This is when the light at the signal is red and the driver decides to ignore the light and to cross the intersection.Non-moving violations may be paid at the Clerk’s office prior to the Court date in lieu of appearance.During Traffic Court arraignments, you will appear before the Judge or Magistrate and enter either an admission or denial to the charge.This means, that a person running a red light is driving into a potential car that is coming unrestrained at high speed from either side.A collision between the two cars could result in serious injuries and even death.People run red lights because they are sometimes too impatient to wait for the signal to turn green.Other drivers are simply annoyed at red lights and they just do not want to wait.Below is an explanation of penalties on second and third moving violations which are required by law: SECOND OFFENSE: A mandatory 90 day license suspension or attend an Advanced Juvenile Driver Improvement Program THIRD OFFENSE: A mandatory 1 year license suspension.• Your driver’s license will be taken immediately and destroyed.• Driving privileges may be granted at the discretion of the Court.If a substantial hardship is shown, the Court may grant specific driving privileges during the time of the suspension for school and/or work.• If driving privileges are granted and all fines and costs are paid, a right-to-drive will be issued by the Court.This is perhaps the most dangerous effects of running a red light.Even though the speeds at which the cars collide can be very slow, the main thing that makes this kind of collision very dangerous is the sheer momentum if the cars.


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