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Over the years position of women in Nigeria societies, especially in Oredo, has not be given a serious concern.

Over the years position of women in Nigeria societies, especially in Oredo, has not be given a serious concern.

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When anthropologist and sociologist speaks of the family they may be referring to married parents and children or to a broader kinship units social scientists have postulated that in all societies the family is to perform a set of basic functions.

a basic function may be considered any activity imperative for the continuing existence of the society.

TABLE OF CONTENTChapter One Background of the study Statement of the problem Purpose of the study Significance of the study Scope of the study Basic assumption Chapter Two Literature review Chapter Three Methodology Research Method Population of the study Sample/Sampling techniques Research Instrument Method of administration Method of data analysis Chapter Four Data analysis Discussion of the findings Chapter Five Summary, Recommendations and Conclusion Summary Recommendations Conclusions References Appendix CHAPTER ONEINTRODUCTIONBACKGROUND OF THE STUDYFamily according to encyclopedia America is a core group of persons related by birth, marriage or other names (such as adoption) who commonly reside in the same household.

The family is both subset of an individual’s total kinship network and a key unity of the household or domestic economy.

Polygamous Marriage POLYGAMOUS: This is the institution that permits the marrying of more than one wife or husband.

It can either be polygamous, systematic polygamy is a situation in which a man marries a woman divorce her marries another, divorce her adifinitum.Polygamous Marriage RESEARCH QUESTIONS In order to achieve the objective of the study of the following questions were raised to know whether or not they affect the attitude of polygamous parents on the education of girls.DEFINITION OF TERMSEDUCATION: Is the totality of processes through which an individual acquires knowledge, skills, attitude and abilities which enable him or her to positively contribute towards the meaningful development of the society.Dr Martin Herbert and Ushio Biolonwu daintily agreed on the following reasons: Traditionally: it is practiced because of the prestige it accord a man, in the society in which he lives Religiously; most religion encouraged the practice of marrying more than one wife for example in Islam you are expected to marry as many wife as you wish, depending on your purchasing power.Polygamous Marriage STATEMENT OF PROBLEMIn every societies of the world there are some specific structure designated to meet the immediate need of the society consequent upon this is Oredo settlement she has a robust nature of socialization which clearly defines the role of both sexes (male and female).Polygamy is a process whereby or which permits a man marry more than one woman or wife, while polyandry has to do with a woman, who married to more than one man or husband. The effect of this marriage on the girl child is what the researcher is basing his research.This type of marriage is prevalent in Nigeria particularly, Oredo local government area of Edo state.Polygamous Marriage Although family composition and structure vary greatly from culture to culture in general.Furthermore, families have existed in all societies and in all periods of human history family is equally a powerful symbol of social cohesion and morally a kind of micro of community and society.This work and research carried out by the researcher has brought new awareness to the issue of Christians and polygamy.In this work the researcher directed his attention towards the dweller and indigenes of Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State.


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