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After reading Aristotle’s Poetics I began to think about poetry.

Poetry to me is an art and art comes in very many different intermingled objects and ideas.

[tags: Aristotle Poetics Politics Essays] - “What is poetry?

” Aristotle starts his Poetics book with this enchanting question.

But, even though Ondaatje noticed the order necessary, he did not do what has been done before--offer an explanation, or rather, a definition of tha...

[tags: Aristotle Poetics Essays] - The Relation between Seneca’s Hercules Furens and Aristotle’s Poetics The intent of this paper is to discuss Seneca’s Hercules Furens in relation to Aristotle’s description of tragedy as outlined in the Poetics.Objects which in themselves we view with pain, we delight to contemplate when reproduced with minute fidelity Poetics Chapter 1V In his Poetics [1] Aristotle classifies plot into two types: simple [haplos], and complex [peplegmenos]....[tags: Aristotle Poetics Essays] - The Beautiful in Kant's Third Critique and Aristotle's Poetics ABSTRACT: I argue that Kant's analysis of the experience of the beautiful in the third Critique entails an implicit or potential experience of the sublime, that is, the sublime as he himself describes it.Although its exact interpretation does vary, it is most commonly used to describe artistic creation as a whole.The value and need for mimesis has been argued by a number of scholars including Sigmund Freud, Philip Sydney and Adam Smith, but this essay will focus on the arguments outlined by Plato in The Republic and Aristotle in Poetics, attempting to demonstrate the different features of imitation (mimesis) and what it involves f...Reason being that Oedipus seems to include correctly all of the concepts that Aristotle describes as inherent to dramatic tragedy.These elements include: the importance of plot, reversal and recognition, unity of time, the cathartic purging and evocation of pity and fear, the presence of a fatal flaw in the “hero”, and the use of law of probability....After discussing what is art in my Fysem class and reading about it in Poetics, I will discuss in my paper what I think is art.Even though Aristotle’s Poetics is a lot about poetry, poetry is art and there are tons of properties the reader can use in any type of art based off of Aristotle’s Poetics....There are many films that are considered to be a tragedy, but the one that has recently touched the lives of many is Fault in Our Stars.The story starts out with a young teenage girl who has terminal cancer.


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