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Granted, when Apple launched the i Tunes Music Store in 2003 there was a lot to complain about.Tracks you bought on computer A often refused to play on gadget B, thanks to that old netizen bogeyman, digital rights management. ) My local Apple store was actually picketed by nerds in hazmat suits attempting to educate passersby on the evils of DRM.Spotify is not the cure for Napster, it(as I elaborate in that essay).

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Like mass education, public health and safety, and basic science research, the arts can only thrive on generous public support, whether from aristocratic patrons or the state itself.

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“Problem” implies that something went awry from the way it was supposed to go, and needs to be fixed to set it back on the proper course.

But we're no longer living in the era of illegally downloading albums into a personal collection and loading it on an i Pod.

Well played, protesters: In January 2009, Apple announced that it would remove the copyright protection wrapper from every song in its store. Good work, audiophiles: Online stores have cranked up the audio quality to a fat 256 Kbps.

Today, Amazon and Walmart both sell music encoded as MP3s, which don't even have hooks for copyright-protection locks. A few years ago, audiophiles dismissed i Tunes' 128-Kbps resolution as anemic, even though it supposedly passed rigid blind testing against full-bandwidth CD tracks of the same song. To most ears, it's indistinguishable from a CD.

We live instead in the era of Spotify, where we each pay a fraction of the cost of a single CD each month — i.e.

essentially zero — to gain access to an unlimited amount and variety of music from nearly every recording artist.


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