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For the spring 2019 student writing contest, we invited students to read the YES!article “Three Things That Matter Most in Youth and Old Age” by Nancy Hill.

Our priorities may seem different, but it all comes down to basic human needs.

We all desire a purpose, strive to be happy, and need to be loved. Magazine article “Three Things That Matter Most in Youth and Old Age,” it can be hard to decipher what is important in life.

I believe that the constant search for satisfaction and meaning is the only thing everyone has in common.

We all want to know what matters, and we walk around this confusing world trying to find it.

Once my grandma went to college, she made lots of friends.

Essays On Life

She met my grandfather, Joaquin Leyva when she was working as a park ranger and he was a surfer.

We were all born to exist and eventually die, so we have evolved to value things in the context of mortality.

One of the ways I feel most alive is when I play roller derby.

Like the author, students interviewed someone significantly older than them about the three things that matter most in life.

Students then wrote about what they learned, and about how their interviewees’ answers compare to their own top priorities.


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