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Normally these tests are sets of objective questions to evaluate verbal, numerical and spatial abilities.

They begin with simple, easy-to-answer type problems followed by more difficult ones progressively. For instance, there may be one set of fifty questions where the candidate is required to answer all questions within a specific time period.

(The Strengths & Weaknesses of IQ Tests) There are racial disparities of 15 IQ points between White Americans and African Americans and it is disputed on how the results are interpreted.

The environment in which children grow up and the quality of their educational experiences available to them greatly affects the results of IQ tests.

(The Strengths & Weaknesses of IQ Tests) IQ tests also fail to determine social skills like wanting to succeed, how self-dispended they are, or if they get along with others which are all important abilities to succeed in life.

(The Strengths & Weaknesses of IQ Tests) IQ tests cannot test for certain skills or knowledge in a particular field and someone may spend years learning a particular field like plumbing which is valuable to employers but score low in IQ tests while another person could have a very high IQ but have no skills or knowledge to be beneficial to an employer.

The study also focuses its concentration upon the Eugenics Movements......?

Intelligence Testing, Eugenics and the Boys Rebellion Introduction Eugenics was a pseudo-scientific theory, now confirmed erroneous and unscientific, that gained prominence at the beginning of the twentieth century.

(The Strengths & Weaknesses of IQ Tests) IQ tests are used to gage one person’s results against the average results of total IQ test takers.

Intelligence is not easily defined as one person strong in math or musically gifted but poor in creative writing or able to recognize patterns and shapes could be weak in other subjects but still have a high IQ in their strong areas and lower in their week areas.


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