Essays On Catcher In The Rye Symbols

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Not having a clear answer to his question, Holden continues to wonder what happens to the ducks in the winter time.

Holden later asks cab driver what he thought happened to the ducks, but the cab driver disregards the question and explains that the fish have it harder as they freeze in the ice and and as for food, their nature is to soak up nutrients from seaweed in their pores, therefore nature takes care of them during the winter.

Holden’s behavior and social skills underwent a detrimental change following the death as he was no longer capable of maintaining a close relationship with anybody in fear of suffering through another loss.

Allie represents the purity that Holden looks for in the world.

In this case the ducks are symbolic as they represent Holden as he is being forced to move; however, Holden would much rather be like the fish who get to stay where they are and have everything provided for them like children.

Essays On Catcher In The Rye Symbols

This mirrors the common theme of the novel and Holden’s attitude towards growing up and wanting to stay an innocent child.

In the end Phoebe is exactly the kind of person Holden has been “people hunting” for.

He wanted to find someone to love and to love him back and was blindsided by the inevitability of growing up to see that what he was hunting for was right under his nose the whole time.

Holden also explains that she is very funny and has a good sense of humor, is a great dancer, listens and always knows what you are talking about.

Despite the fact that Holden admits to being there is no doubt that he is telling the truth about Phoebe as she is everything Holden said she would be.


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